10 Things You Should Know About Muscle Building

As long as people go to the gym, they want to get stronger and build more muscle. To do this, they need to make sure they get enough exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep. Everybody who goes to the gym should know these 10 things about muscle building.

1. Intensity, Volume, and Frequency

Manage these three main factors of training. Before we do anything else, ensure that the training variables, especially these three, are in order.

a) Level of Intensity

As you add weight, do it slowly at first (mechanical tension). Systematic reviews and meta-analyses say that people who do exercises with a lot of weight gain more strength than those who don’t do so much (greater than 60 per cent RM).

The best gains in muscle mass are likely to go from six to twelve repetitions when it comes to hypertrophy. But we can still get better by training from one to 20 or more repetitions.

b) Volume

Our focus will be on volume, or how much work we do overtime. Example, we might want to add a few more sets or do a little more exercise.

The current scientific evidence shows that the more strength training you do, the more muscle you build. High volume protocols (ten or more sets per muscle group per week) lead to significantly more muscle growth than low volume protocols (four or fewer sets per week per muscle group).

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